My Biography

Noobar Janoian was born on December 23, 1939 in Iraq.  When he was 20, he moved to his native Armenia, where he spent the next 8 years at the Yerevan Medical Institute.  After graduating from medical school, the young doctor set out on a life journey determined to help people wherever he was.  After spending the next decade travelling from country to country, he makes his migration to the United States as a father of a young family who, like many before them, came to America with dreams of a bright future.  For Noobar, his calling took root in the town of Glendale, California , where he sees a proud Armenian community of immigrants who were underserved and in need of someone who could identify with their spiritual as well as medical needs.  Through years of altruistic dedication, his persistence has earned him the respect and admiration of his patients, his collegues, and his community.  In 2005, he created All For Health, Health For All, a nonprofit medical clinic that would provide primary health care and social services to medically underserved and indigent populations of Glendale and surrounding cities.                   

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